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Oleg Kit

General Director

Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation.

Director's Blog

Dear patients, colleagues and partners!

I am glad to welcome you on the website of Rostov Research Institute of Oncology! Today our Institute is the largest cancer center in the South of Russia with excellent equipment and highly professional medical staff. Our clinic provides diagnostics and treatment in all spheres of oncology; besides, the Institute has a powerful scientific, experimental and educational base.

Medicine is developing rapidly, and we try to study and implement the best in the fight against cancer. Our main task is to make world-class medical care available for each patient regardless his or her social status, income, place of residence, nationality and religion. We believe that everyone can be helped. Every day we try to move at least one step forward in the diagnostics, treatment and our research, to improve patient care in the clinic. We have achieved a lot, but there is still something to strive for.

Director’s Blog is where I share my thoughts on medicine, on innovations in the Institute, new approaches to cancer treatment and our studies and advice on cancer prevention. My priority as a doctor is your and your loved ones’ health.

Best regards,
Oleg Kit.

  • 19.03.2019
    Neuroendocrine tumors
    Neuroendocrine tumors are a priority for our institute, and we’ve accumulated extensive clinical and research experience in this field.
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  • 08.02.2019
    Celebrating the Russian Science Day

    Dear colleagues and friends!

    Best wishes to you on this wonderful holiday, Russian Science Day! Without innovative ideas, discoveries and knowledge, without talented researchers and their enthusiasm, there would be no progress.

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  • 29.01.2019
    Academician Georgy Frank appreciated pathology service of the Institute

    A very pleasant meeting. On January 25, Georgy Frank, the chief non-staff specialist in pathological anatomy of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Ph.D. (Doctor of Medical Sciences), Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, came to us, in Rostov Research Institute of Oncology.

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  • 04.01.2019
    Important dates in the history of the Institute

    The first days of the New Year are marked with two special dates. January 1, 2019, Rostov Research Institute of Oncology celebrated its 88th anniversary. Regional X-ray Radiological Research Institute of Oncology was founded in Rostov-on-Don in 1931.

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  • 31.12.2018
    Happy New Year 2019!

    Dear colleagues and friends! I cordially wish you a Happy New Year! Summing up the results of the outgoing year, I can say that 2018 was a stable and productive year for our Institute.

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  • 29.12.2018
    Reconstruction of the operating unit

    Rostov Research Institute of Oncology had many changes this year, but this one is the most important for me as a practicing oncologist.

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  • 05.12.2018
    First accreditation and simulation center for oncology in the south of Russia

    A new accreditation and simulation center for oncology, the first in the South of Russia, was solemnly opened this week in Rostov Research Institute of Oncology.

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  • 25.11.2018
    Visit of Valery Savchenko, academician of RAS

    Valery Savchenko, Ph.D. (Doctor of Medical Sciences), Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, visited Rostov Research Institute of Oncology on November 23. Valery Grigorievich is the General Director of National Medical Research Center for Hematology and the chief non-staff hematologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

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  • 17.11.2018
    Igor Korobko visited RRIO

    On November 16, 2018, Rostov Research Institute of Oncology was visited by Igor Viktorovich Korobko, the Director of Department of Science, Innovation Development and Management of Biomedical Health Risks of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

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  • 01.09.2016
    To young oncologists
    Dear friends!
    The main principle that guides our specialists every day is: "The patient is above all else, and every patient is unique". Everybody’s cancer is different.  Modern guidelines for treatment of malignant tumors are the result of hard work of oncologists all over the world aimed at helping their colleagues.
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  • 30.06.2016
    Our scientific and clinical achievements
    Dear friends! Looking back over the past quarter of the year I cannot help but note the number of scientific events our experts took part in. The results of our research were presented at congresses from San Francisco to Singapore.
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  • 09.03.2016
    The Institute joined ASCO Symposium
    On January 21–22 we attended ASCO Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium held in San Francisco, California. The meeting encompassed the latest science in cancers of the gastrointestinal tract.
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  • 21.01.2016
    Inner harmony guarantees health
    Dear friends!
    Happy people get sick less often, and constant stress is the cause of most diseases. Every doctor agrees with this. The modern world is full of such events provoking stress even when they do not concern you, and the greater their number, the greater the risk to face health problems.
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